My sincere thanks must go to the following people who have helped to piece together this fascinating jigsaw puzzle:
From England: My Father, the late Wilfred Huskisson, My Aunt,
Sallie Brown, From U.S.A.: Genealogist, Doug Hogarth, and (indirectly) Singer/Actress Mandy Moore, evidently related to the family, and the subject of a 2018 edition of TV programme 'Who Do You Think You Are'.

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The tree is arranged according to generations with 'generation 1' being our earliest known ancestor. The tree expands as you read from left to right, thus it is possible to see quickly all of the descendants of one person from an earlier generation. Since this tree deals with only one surname, the female line stops at the point of their marriage (and surname change). 'End of line' is stated to emphasise this. Where a male's descendants are unknown, 'Unknown Descendants' is stated. By clicking on an individual's name a separate page will load giving known information about that person, and in many cases, photographs. (Use your browser's 'back' button to return to this page). The tree stops at my grandmother's generation. If you think you may have ancestors that fit into this tree, or are able to offer additional information or corrections, please contact me at tim@timhuskisson.com

Generation 1

Generation 2

Generation 3

Generation 4

Generation 5

Generation 6

James Barney (b. Unknown)

Marriage to Elizabeth Morris (February 26, 1775)

(d. Unknown)

1) Richard Barney (b. 1781)

Marriage to Ann \\ (Date unknown)

(d. bet. 1827-1834)

1) Susannah Barney (b. 1817)

Marriage to John Hawley (October 30, 1837)

(d. Unknown)
End of line
2) Richard Barney (b. 1819)

(d. Unknown)
? ? ?
3) Frederick Barney (b. 1821-1822)

(d. Unknown)
? ? ?
4) Ann Barney (b. 1825)

(d. Unknown)
End of line

5) Edwin Frederick Barney (b. 1827)

Marriage to Ellen Flynn (May 21, 1855)

(d. June 1, 1910)

1) Ann Mary Barney (b. bet. April-June 1857)

(d. bet. April-June 1871)
End of line
2) Rose Susannah Barney (b. May 20, 1859)

(d. bet. April-June 1907)
End of line

3) Sydney Frederick Barney (b. January 19, 1861)

Marriage to Maria Eliza Claxton Smith (September 21, 1880)

(d. September 23, 1921)

1) Sidney Frederick Barnett (b. March 10, 1881)

Marriage to Mary Green (December 26, 1903)

(d. September 26, 1954)

1) Mary Ellen Barnett (b. March 17, 1904)

Marriage to Joseph Rutland (July 10, 1924)

(d. June 16, 1996)

2) Alfred Henry George Barnett (b. April 22, 1883)

Marriage to Clara A. Thomas (bet. October-December 1912)

(d. bet. January-March 1938)

1) Grace C. Barnett (b. bet. October-December 1913)

Marriage to Frederick E. Gollop (bet. July-September 1936)

(d. Unknown)

3) Caroline Ellen Barnett (b. September 14, 1885

Marriage to William Hardy (bet. April-June 1912)

(d. bet. July-September 1981)

End of line

4) Mary Ann Rose Climer Barnett (b. December 25, 1890)

Marriage to ? Milafsky

(d. Unknown)

End of line

5) Maria Eliza Claxton Barnett (b. December 4, 1895)

(d. bet. April-June 1902)

End of line

6) Ada Alice Florence Barnett (b. September 17, 1898)

Marriage to John J. Ormston (bet. October-December 1922)

(d. bet. July-September 1998)

End of line

4) Frederick James Barney (b. February 15, 1864)

(d. bet April-June 1866 )
End of line
5) Samuel Frederick Barney (b. September 27, 1866)

Marriage to Mary Curley (bet. January-March 1903)

(d. bet. July-September 1921)
End of line
6) Alfred Edwin Barney (b. May 22, 1868)

(d. Aft. 1910)
? ?