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This site is intended as a source of reference for my relatives, close and distant, that may wish to explore their ancestry and learn about people in our family who may otherwise be forgotten forever. Where possible, I've included life stories and vital information about births, marriages and deaths. I will continue to update this site as new information comes to light. Additions will be listed in the 'updates' section on each family name page.

If you are related - however distant - and would like to add additional information or make corrections, please e-mail using the link at the bottom of this page. Please also sign the guest book. Thank you.

Tim Huskisson

Dedicated to my dear late parents

 Wilfred Dudley Charles Huskisson (1923-2000) & Mary Joan Huskisson (1925-1999)

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My Father's parents were Henry William John Huskisson and May Daisy (Binks)

Click here for my HUSKISSON ancestors

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My Mother's parents were Joseph Rutland and Mary Ellen (Barnett)

Click here for my RUTLAND ancestors

Click here for my BARNEY/BARNETT ancestors



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